Customized Halal Catering Service

We are, Taiwan Halal Food Co., Ltd., providing you with Customized Halal Catering service, which focuses on :

100% Halal

All our ingredients are Halal and our business has been Halal certified by Chinese Muslim Association in Taiwan.

Truly Customized Catering

You can choose the menu from our recommendation or you can also request your own menu. Then, we can customize it based on your needs.

Food Quality

All of our catering food is made fresh; never re-heated.


You’ll have plenty to fill everyone up.


Our staff is professional, friendly, and eager to help.

Customized Halal caterings are our specialty and what we pride ourselves on. We work closely with our clients to deliver their expectations, wishes, and dreams!

Whether you’d like to set up a consultation, need help planning your event or just have general catering questions, please feel free to call us at 0933-328084. Our mission is to provide our current and future catering clients with the best meal, service, and experience. We are looking forward to serving you!

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