Halal TV Dinner – Hot / Frozen Halal Cuisine

White Meat Chicken and Wild Chicken Country of Origin :Taiwan
Beef, Baby Lamb, and Mutton Country of Origin : New Zealand and Australia
Meat Processing Place : Taiwan

Arabian Food Series / 中東風味餐食系列 / Seri Masakan Khas Arab
Indian Food Series / 印度風味餐食系列 / Seri Masakan Khas India
South-East Asian Food Series / 東南亞風味餐食系列 / Seri Masakan Asia Tenggara
Western Food Series / 西洋風味餐食系列 / Seri Masakan Barat
Chinese Food Series / 中式風味餐食系列 / Seri Masakan khas Tiongkok
Lunch/Dinner Box Series / 特色餐盒系列 / Seri Masakan Siap Saji
Fresh Salad Series / 特色沙律系列 / Seri Salad Segar
Cooked Rice Series / 特色米飯系列 / Seri Nasi Tanak
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